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Powerful Illumination and Efficient Cooling

Are you ooking to elevate your videography lighting setup? SmallRig has you covered with the SmallRig RC 450D COB LED Video Light (American standard) 3970. This advanced video light features an AstralTech optical system, providing powerful illumination and efficient cooling. With its larger LED chip, it delivers efficient light output and increased brightness, ensuring crystal-clear footage even in challenging low-light environments. Explore SmallRig’s range of camera cages and LED COB lighting options to enhance your videography lighting setup and capture stunning visuals with ease.

Advanced AstralTech Optical System

The SmallRig RC 450D COB LED Video Light (American standard) 3970 is equipped with an advanced AstralTech optical system that delivers powerful illumination and ensures efficient cooling. This cutting-edge system is designed to enhance your lighting experience and provide optimal performance in various shooting situations.

The video light features a larger LED chip, which enables efficient light output and provides a significant boost in brightness. This means you can achieve a higher level of illumination, allowing you to capture clear and well-lit footage even in low-light environments.

Enhanced Lighting Experience

The SmallRig RC 450D COB LED Video Light provides an enhanced lighting experience with its impressive features and capabilities. With an illuminance rivaling that of a 1.2K HMI Fresnel light, this video light offers a professional-grade lighting solution that can handle even the most demanding lighting scenarios.

Accurate color rendering is crucial in videography, and the RC 450D excels in this aspect. It boasts a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96+ and Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) of 97+, ensuring accurate color reproduction and true-to-life visuals. This means your videos will showcase vibrant colors and natural skin tones, resulting in high-quality footage.


The SmallRig RC 450D COB LED Video Light (American standard) 3970 delivers powerful illumination, efficient cooling, and an enhanced lighting experience. Its advanced AstralTech optical system, accurate color rendering, lightweight design, and multiple control options make it an excellent choice for professional videographers. Elevate your lighting setup with this high-performance LED video light from SmallRig.

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