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Level 3 EV Charger: Empowering Fleets, Highways, and Public Charging Stations

Level 3 EV chargers by Luobinsen are not just charging solutions; they are the future of fast and efficient electric vehicle charging. With a focus on key application scenarios and a host of benefits, let’s explore the groundbreaking features and specifications of Luobinsen‘s Level 3 EV chargers.

Versatility Unleashed: 200~1000V Super Wide Output Voltage Range

Luobinsen’s Group Charger stands out with its super-wide output voltage range, spanning from 200 to 1000 volts. This versatility ensures compatibility with a diverse range of electric vehicles, accommodating different voltage requirements and making it a reliable choice for various charging scenarios.

Flexibility Redefined: Normal and Super Fast Dispenser Options

Liquid-Coolant Dispenser: For those seeking an accelerated charging experience, the liquid-coolant dispenser option unleashes a remarkable 500kW maximum output power. This super-fast dispenser is ideal for high-demand situations, allowing for swift charging to accommodate the needs of a rapidly evolving electric mobility landscape.

Dynamic Power Distribution: Enhancing Charging Efficiency

One of the standout features of Luobinsen’s Group Charger is dynamic power distribution. With the capability to distribute power dynamically, the charger optimizes efficiency by intelligently allocating power based on the charging needs of connected vehicles. This ensures an effective use of resources, minimizing wait times and maximizing the number of vehicles served.


Luobinsen’s Group Charger emerges as a game-changer in the realm of DC EV charging. With its super-wide voltage range, dispenser flexibility, and dynamic power distribution, it caters to the evolving needs of electric mobility. Whether in commercial lots, fleets, highways, or public charging stations, the Group Charger is a gateway to efficient and versatile charging infrastructure. To propel your charging stations into the future, get a quote for Luobinsen’s Group Charger today and embrace the next era of electric mobility.

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