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Hanshow Nebular: Redefining Retail with Digital Price Labels

In the dynamic retail industry, electronic shelf labels (ESL) have emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way stores operate and interact with customers. Hanshow, a leading provider of ESL solutions, introduces their cutting-edge product, Hanshow Nebular, a next-generation digital price label that sets new standards for lifespan, functionality, and durability.

Streamlining Operations with Digital Price Labels

Hanshow Nebular digital price labels offer a range of features that enhance operational efficiency and reduce pricing errors. With lightning-fast remote price updates, manual price changes become a thing of the past, saving valuable time for retail teams. The accuracy between the label and the register ensures a seamless checkout experience for customers, avoiding any discrepancies. By providing more information and accentuating promotions, Nebular engages customers and creates a more vivid product display, ultimately improving the overall shopping experience.

Seamless Integration and System Upgrades

Nebular ESLs are designed for compatibility with other digitalization systems, serving as the building blocks of holistic retail digitalization. The system supports Over the Air (OTA) firmware upgrades, ensuring that retailers can seamlessly update their ESLs as technology advances. This flexibility future-proofs their investment and enables them to stay ahead in the digital age. Moreover, Nebular ESLs significantly reduce costs by eliminating the need for paper price tags throughout the product’s lifespan, benefiting both the environment and the retailer’s budget.

Customer Testimonials

Hanshow’s commitment to quality and innovation has garnered praise from satisfied customers. Benjamin Floquart, Manager of Ludres Intermarch√©, commended Hanshow for meeting their expectations and offering an excellent quality-to-price ratio. Laurent Vanden Brande, ICT Director of Match, highlighted the positive impact of Hanshow’s ESLs on their structural transformation. Julien Morize, Commercial Manager, emphasized the benefits of the management data feature in optimizing stock and order preparation. Mickael Dupuis, Director of U Express store, praised the solid reliability and affordability of Hanshow electronic labels.


Hanshow Nebular is reshaping the retail landscape with its advanced digital price labels. By enhancing operational efficiency, reducing pricing errors, and engaging customers, Nebular is empowering retailers to thrive in the digital era. With its compatibility and seamless system upgrades, Nebular ensures retailers can adapt to evolving technologies. Trust in Hanshow’s expertise to transform your retail business and create a more efficient, engaging, and future-proof shopping experience for your customers.

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