Handicap in soccer betting: tips and tricks

Betting handicaps are one of the most popular and attractive options in the world of sports betting. To better understand how to play and be successful in this type of bet, we need to explore the secrets and tricks in the article below.bookmaker New886. Let’s explore how you can take advantage of handicapping to achieve success and profits in sports betting.

What is soccer betting?

How to bet on soccer is always a question for many people. This is a betting activity that involves betting money on events and results in football matches. Players often bet money on the outcome of a match, such as a team’s victory, the final score, the number of goals scored, or other specific events during the match.

How to play soccer betting?

To answer the question of how to play soccer betting, let’s find out below with bookmaker New88.

Betting is usually done through bookmakers or online sports betting websites. Players place bets by choosing the bet type and bet amount before the match takes place. If their bet results are correct, they will receive a bonus according to the predetermined odds.

Definition of betting handicap

Football teams do not always have equal strength when participating in football tournaments. The difference in strength between teams is inevitable. This affects the betting experience, making it less interesting and objective if the difference is too large.

Therefore, betting handicaps appear to make matches more balanced. Bookmakers objectively evaluate the difference between two teams and offer certain odds to maintain competition and attractiveness in soccer betting. The basic handicap is usually 0.25 (equivalent to 1/4 left), to create balance between teams and bettors.

Tips for playing handicap betting

Survey the starting lineups of both teams

To win in evaluating ¼ handicap odds, carefully studying the starting lineup of both teams is an important factor. This information is available on many information sources, including sports websites and media outlets. The focus needs to be on determining whether any players are absent or their injury situation. All this information will help you perform detailed analysis and make the right betting handicap decisions.

Choose bets carefully

The most important thing when participating in handicap betting is to ensure carefulness. If you are not really careful and make the wrong decision, you will suffer financial losses. Therefore, when starting to play soccer betting, carefully research the types of soccer bets and payout rates. You should absolutely never bet based on emotions and should not blindly favor a team.
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Tips for reading betting handicaps

  • Half-ball odds: This bet is also known as 1/4, 0.25, and 01.5 bets. At this bet level, the handicap of the other team is less than 0.25. When the handicap team wins the match, the handicap team wins the bet. In case the handicap team loses, the handicap bet will lose. In the event of a draw, the handicap team will lose a portion of the original bet amount, while the handicap betting team will receive a portion of the bet amount. This calculation is applied to bets with weights such as 1.25, 2.25, 3.25…
  • Half-left betting handicap: This bet is also called 0.5 left bet. Here, the away team handicaps the remaining team by 0.5 goals. In case of a tie, the bet of the handicapped team will win. This calculation is similar to the bets 1.5, 2.5, 3.5…
  • Half one handicap: this bet is also known as 3/4 or 0.75. At this bet level, the team handicaps 0.75 of the other team. If the handicap team achieves at least 2 wins in the match, the handicap bet will be perfect by winning the entire bet amount. In a situation where the handicap team wins or the match is drawn, the handicap bet will still be successful and help you win the entire initial bet amount. If the handicap team wins by less than 2 goals, the handicap team will win half the money, and the handicap team loses half the money. This calculation applies to bets 1.75, 2.75, 3.75…
  • Handicap 1 goal: means that team handicaps the other team by 1. If the handicap team wins by at least 2 goals, the handicap bet will win. If the handicap team loses or draws, the handicap bet will win. If the handicap team wins by less, both teams will get their money back. This bet is calculated similarly for numbers 2, numbers 3, numbers 4…

Hope that information bookmaker New88 provided above has been helpful to players.

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