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Embrace Interactive Learning with Ikinor’s Smart Whiteboard for Schools

Ikinor’s interactive whiteboard displays emerges as a game changer in providing an interactive and engaging classroom environment as technology disrupts the education sector. Ikinor, a well-known interactive whiteboard supplier, offers cutting-edge smart whiteboards that meet the diversified needs of modern educational institutions.

Embrace Interactive Learning with Ikinor's Smart Whiteboard for Schools

A Blend of Elegance and Durability

Ikinor’s smart whiteboards feature a slim and robust aluminum frame with a painting treatment, ensuring resistance against scratches and offering a lightweight yet sturdy solution for schools. The addition of plastic round corners adds an extra layer of safety for students, making it an ideal choice for young learners.

Unlocking Creative Expression with Precision

This Smart Whiteboard is equipped with advanced technology, including a high-precision aluminum honeycomb/ceramic board with a nanometer high molecule surface. The smooth and anti-scratch surface allows effortless writing with water-based markers. With 20-point touch capabilities and 2mm writing height, teachers and students experience instant responsiveness and vivid writing experiences.

Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software

Ikinor goes beyond providing exceptional hardware; it complements the Smart Whiteboard with interactive whiteboard software. This software enhances collaboration and learning in the classroom with a wide range of tools and aids, dynamic teaching scenes, and multilingual support. Educators can effortlessly prepare engaging content to captivate their students and inspire their learning journey.

Customization to Fit Every School’s Needs

With a commitment to excellence, Ikinor offers its Smart Whiteboard in various regular sizes, such as 83″, 88″, 96″, and 100″, to cater to different classroom setups. For schools seeking bespoke solutions, Ikinor accepts OEM requests and delivers tailored sizes ranging from 82″ to 120″.


Ikinor’s Smart Whiteboard for schools represents the pinnacle of interactive learning technology, fostering creativity, engagement, and collaboration within the classroom. By choosing Ikinor as your interactive whiteboard supplier, you are investing in cutting-edge educational tools that empower teachers and students alike. Embrace the future of education with Ikinor’s Smart Whiteboard and unlock the true potential of interactive learning.

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