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CHINT NA1 Air Circuit Breaker: Enhancing Power Supply Reliability for Diverse Applications

With CHINT’s intelligentized and selective protection functions, the NA1 ACB enhances the reliability of power supply by preventing unnecessary power failures. This versatile circuit breaker is suitable for a wide range of applications, including power stations, factories, mines (for 690V), and modern high-rise buildings. It is especially well-suited for the distribution system of intelligentized buildings. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of CHINT’s NA1 Air Circuit Breaker.

Reliable Power Supply with Intelligentized Protection

The CHINT NA1 Air Circuit Breaker is designed to improve the reliability of power supply. With intelligentized protection functions, this ACB circuit breaker ensures efficient and selective circuit protection. It detects and responds to abnormal conditions promptly, preventing unnecessary power disruptions and safeguarding critical equipment and systems. The intelligentized protection features of the NA1 ACB make it a reliable choice for applications where power supply continuity is essential.

Versatile Application Possibilities

The NA1 Air Circuit Breaker from CHINT offers versatility in its application. It is suitable for various industries, including power stations, factories, and mines operating at 690V. Additionally, this ACB is well-suited for modern high-rise buildings, especially in the distribution systems of intelligentized buildings. Its adaptability to different environments and requirements makes it an ideal solution for diverse applications, ensuring reliable and efficient power distribution.


The CHINT NA1 Air Circuit Breaker is a reliable and efficient solution for enhancing power supply reliability across various industries and applications. With its intelligentized and selective protection functions, this ACB prevents unnecessary power failures, improving the safety and efficiency of electrical systems.

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